Higher Performance Life – Online Fitness Coaching.

Higher Performance Life - Online Fitness Coaching.Click Image To Visit SiteLook, I get it. You’re super busy. You have a job, family, commitments, etc. You know, a life. In fact, you are so busy that you may even have thought that you don’t have time to exercise even though you know deep down that you need to. I created this program to help people just like you get more fit and be more awesome at life in less than 30 minutes a day.

Fitness information can be confusing because it’s hard to know who to believe. Just because something works for one person doesn’t mean that it will work for others. The Higher Performance Life program avoids this confusion by relying on the evidence provided by scientific studies. New research is constantly being added to the program keeping it at the cutting edge of performance.

One aspect of a High Performance Life is that it doesn’t waste time. To that end, I’ve distilled the program down to be as simple and effective as possible. We won’t waste time learning complicated moves or routines when simpler alternatives can be found. We’ll focus on the 10% of exercises that provide 90% of the results.

The underlying goal of of the program is to help you be more awesome at life. To that end, the program also provides actionable advice on how to improve other areas of your life as well. You’ll become happier, healthier, more productive, and more successful at both home and at work.

Everyday, Monday through Friday, I’ll send you what you’ll need to do that day for your warm up, the day’s workout, and your cool down. These workouts will never get stale because I have written them specifically to be fun, effective, and engaging. In addition, you’ll rarely do the same workout more than once. We’ll only repeat… Read more…